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About Debora Consultancy

Introducing Debora Kerssies! A multi-talented freelancer offering a range of services including Project Management, Marketing, Communication, and Customer Service.

With a passion for helping businesses succeed, Debora provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Her expertise in these areas allows them to effectively support clients in achieving their goals and elevating their brand.

The request

When Debora reached out she was just about to start her journey in freelancing. Therefore she needed a simple one-page website to showcase the services she has to offer to potential clients.

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Rens is a very skilled and pleasant web designer. He made my website fast and it turned out beautiful. I really like that Rens thinks along in good and pragmatic solutions so that you get real quality. I can definitely recommend Rens!

Debora Kerssies - Debora Consultancy

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The result

Working with Debora was a breeze and we got the site online in no-time. Some of the highlights are:

  • Great design
  • Works well on any device
  • Quickly explains Debora's services
  • Easy way for clients to get in touch

I was proud to collaborate with Debora to create a website that accurately reflects her skills and showcases the full range of services she offers. 🤗

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